Honesty Policy

Modern Traveller prides itself on providing impeccably researched, prepared and presented reviews which are unfailingly honest.

Anything which you find reviewed, rated or recommended by Modern Traveller has been meticulously tried and tested by one of MT’s team.

Generally, MT pays its way. Occasionally, MT is offered products, experiences and accommodation for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

Whether it comes out of Modern Traveller’s bank balance or is provided by a PR team, rest assured – the process remains the same: Modern Traveller never recommends what it hasn’t personally tried, and never provides a positive review in exchange for freebies, funds or food.

You will, at times, find sponsored features on Modern Traveller. Such posts contain content produced by the MT editorial team in return for, or made possible by, revenue from a third party. These articles will always be clearly labelled as such and will never, ever be passed off as reviews or recommendations. The topics will still be relevant, the style still Modern Traveller‘s, but the posts will be paid for by a commercial entity – and that will always be made clear.

You might also spot several referral links around the site. If you use these links to book or buy something, Modern Traveller may receive a small commission. These links are simply a means by which MT covers its operating costs: they do not affect MT’s integrity, and Modern Traveller will only use referral links once it has personally tried and tested the relevant product.

Remember: when the sun goes down, Modern Traveller wants the best for its readers – and no amount of cash could ever change that.