Finisterre’s eco tees are perfect for the coast-conscious traveller

Finisterre's eco tees are perfect for the coast-conscious traveller

100% organic threads for a guilt-free slice of surf – wherever you go.


Search online for surf t-shirts and you’ll find no shortage of beach-inspired threads. From gulls and boards to retro campers and wavy patterns, the place where the land meets the sea has long been an inspiration for makers and wearers alike.

Little wonder, really, when those same images are so thrillingly evocative of the surging swells and crashing waves that course through the veins of those drawn to ride the sea.

For Cornish brand Finisterre, though, surfing symbolism is about far more than patching emblems on your chest.

Finisterre's eco tees are perfect for the coast-conscious traveller

Born of a loving respect for the sea’s unbending power, Finisterre was founded in 2003 by Tom Kay – a man raised with the call of the ocean roaring in his ears.

From shipping forecast area to seafaring fashion, Finisterre’s first piece was a novel fleece designed for wave-goers, capable of keeping out the battering wind and water that’s so much part and parcel of a life lived on beach and sea.

Now, 14 years on from being founded above a surf shop, Finisterre does a whole lot more than make technical gear for hardy British wave-riders.

Finisterre's eco tees are perfect for the coast-conscious traveller

Sure, you’ll still find it shipping innovative kit that’ll keep you warm and dry on the harshest of shorelines – but it’s Finisterre’s commitment to sustainability that really sets its threads apart.

While it might hardly seem surprising that a brand built by those who love and respect the planet’s turbulent tides should opt to create clothes that don’t harm them, it’s more than the earth that’s on Finisterre’s mind.

Take the organic cotton used to make the t-shirts pictured. Besides being pesticide, insecticide and herbicide free, organic cotton uses vastly less water, too.

Finisterre's eco tees are perfect for the coast-conscious traveller

What’s more, all of Finisterre’s Portuguese-made organic cotton is GOTS accredited – which means the threads have been approved as organic, from harvesting to manufacturing to labelling – and the factories are certified as ethical.

Finisterre goes further than that, though. Take its RNLI Pocket Tee (£30): besides subtle styling and a classic, comfortable fit, this easy-living tee is part of a collaboration which sees 10% of every purchase go to those who help save and protect surfers all around the UK’s coastline – the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Buying from Finisterre, then, means more than looking good, staying warm and feeling beachy. It means wearing clothes that do a good deal for the planet and the people who make them. Which, if you ask us, is pretty rad.


Model wears a medium.

With thanks to Andrew Scull and Max for modelling. What a fine and tousled team you make.

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