Postcard from Pisa

Postcard from Pisa | Modern Traveller

Our latest send-home snap captures the soothing terracotta tones of Pisa.


On a not-so-toasty August afternoon in windy England, there’s no better cure for wanderlust – besides, perhaps, some ill-considered flight booking – than pulling on a big jumper, brewing a tasty cup of Earl Grey and editing pictures from your last getaway.

So it was that we fired up our laptop, popped in an SD card and came across this gem from our trip to Pisa a fortnight ago.

As crowds of globetrotting tourists soaked up the sun whilst ogling the towers and domes that make the city so famous, we were content instead to appreciate the simple terracotta tones of this light-drenched wall.

Sure, it’s far simpler than the ornate architecture of the Torre, or, indeed, the graceful curves and arches of the Duomo which dominates its vicinity.

All the same, there’s something inherently appealing in the off-red render, reminiscent of baked clay and rooftop tiles – a hue, if ever there was one, that’s truly evocative of Mediterranean days.

So, whilst it’s the monuments that you’ll find adorning postcards and prints around the piazza, this is the snap we’ll be pinning up – to forever conjure images of soul-warming Italian afternoons spent wandering between these pastel walls. Until our next visit, of course.

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