Modern Traveller’s 10 favourite Art Store travel gifts


Our Art Store is home to a burgeoning collection of stylish gifts and beautiful prints – here’s our pick of the lot.


If you’ve never perused the prints and gifts that live in the Modern Traveller Art Store, you’ve probably not realised the inspirational treats that await.

Almost every photograph we take finds its way into the online catalogue, with every image available as a print – and most available as gifts, too. Want Siena on a clock? Vienna on a mug? Lisbon on your laptop? Look no further.

Thing is, such is the volume of snaps we shoot, finding your way around the Art Store can be quite the mammoth task. Trust us, we’ve lost whole days ogling the mighty fine wares which live there.

Thankfully, we’ve made your life easier, by picking out ten of our favourite gifts to inspire you in August. Whether for a birthday or a well-earned holiday treat, there’s something here for every traveller.

This Italian window frame poster


Roaming along Italian streets, ogling pastel-shade shutters surrounded by ornate, peeling frames is one of our favourite hobbies. When we can’t do it in person? Well, we ogle this poster print instead, redolent of slow Mediterranean afternoons by the sea.

Click here to buy this poster

This Tube station phone case


Like every good disguise, the pattern on this smartphone case confuses the eyes and intrigues the mind. Its origin? The walls of Aldwych, an abandoned Tube station in the centre of London which we were lucky enough to look around.

Click here to buy this case

This graffiti laptop skin


Smart graffiti makes for great photography – and this chap, spotted on a stroll through Lucca’s ancient streets, looks even better adorning the back of a laptop. It might not help you find your right half, but it’ll certainly raise some smiles.

Click here to buy this laptop sticker

This church dome clock


Doubtless a work of art in its own right, the painted interior of Siena’s Duomo embellishes this clock face to great effect. Throw in a trick of the eye thanks to an offset angle and you’ll be clock-watching all day.

Click here to buy this clock

This Lisbon tiles greeting card


Traipsing the hills of Lisbon is a tiring, rewarding way to spend a day, stopping to nibble on pastéis de nata while unearthing the delightful details which seem to cover every street corner – much like those on this greeting card.

Click here to buy this card

This framed Fiat 500 print


Vintage cars are stunning models, what with their gentle curves and bonny faces – and few look better in black and white than the diminutive Fiat 500, snapped here down an Italian side-street. Bordered and framed, this print is simply brilliant inspiration.

Click here to buy this framed print

This Austrian wall t-shirt


Putting a wall on a t-shirt might seem like a strange idea, but we’re big fans of simple colours and real-world textures. This design – a photograph snapped in Vienna, Austria – combines the two to great effect on this three-colour tee.

Click here to buy this t-shirt

This Bagan cushion


If there’s a better place to sit and lose yourself in a book than the peaceful plane of Bagan, Myanmar, then we’ve yet to find it. Buy this cushion and you’ll have a perfectly themed reading seat when you’re there.

Click here to buy this cushion

This Lao temple notebook


Luang Prabang‘s many temples are ideal for quiet reflection. As you wander barefoot between beautifully decorated buildings, there’s every chance a meaningful thought will meander into your mind – and this notebook is a wonderful space to jot it down in.

Click here to buy this notebook

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