Hotel Nox review: Ljubljana’s out-of-town surprise

Hotel Nox, Ljubljana review | Modern Traveller

Visiting the Slovenian capital? We’ve found a fine and fancy place to rest your head.


Ljubljana, Europe’s smallest capital city, is as close as one gets to city break perfection. Eminently walkable, truly green and crammed with culture, history and bars galore, it’s tough to beat for a long weekend that doesn’t involve the din and drama of the Continent’s bigger sprawls.

The only problem? Finding a suitably stylish spot to stay within easy distance of the traffic-restricted city centre that delivers on service but doesn’t cost the earth.

Thankfully, just such a bolthole rests nestled to the north of Ljubljana’s centre – and it’s the meticulously modern Hotel Nox.

A brief, 15-minute bus ride from the city’s core (parking is prohibitively expensive), Nox might look more business than pleasure from the outside, but its combination of comfortable, chic rooms, excellent service and unerring attention to detail make it a stellar selection for getting some rest after a long day’s wandering through cobbled streets, tracing the Ljubljanica river along its course.

Some, of course, will find Nox’s braver design decisions far from homely, while others might chalk its themed rooms (complete with feature walls that range from bare brick to murals to logs) up as crass over class.

The notion that “every room has a story”, though, is no Disney turn: theming aside, decor is generally tasteful, and there’s a pervasive sense of luxury which seems to fill every corner of this up-town abode – and that’s what makes a stay here so sublime.

From new-school four-posters to clean, well-equipped bathrooms, waking up to a plentiful breakfast in modish surroundings after the treat of a good night’s sleep, one can’t help but feel that Nox has truly hit the spot when it comes to spoiling guests without overdoing it.

Yes, you don’t get the city centre bustle – but, with a green locale, mountains in the distance and Ljubljana proper just a brief journey away, Nox gets our recommendation.

– Modern architecture and decor
– Luxurious attention to detail
– Stylish turns which belie the budget
– Impeccable service

Book your stay at Hotel Nox, Ljubljana here

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