Where to grab a bite in Brussels

Where to grab a bite in Brussels

Stay sated throughout the day with these seriously scrumptious spots in the centre of the Belgian capital.


When in Brussels, it can be all too tempting to scoff waffles all day long, taking a break from their doughy delight only to stop for a quick coffee beside Manneken Pis.

In the centre of this international city, though, there’s a veritable feast of eateries to enjoy from dawn right through to dusk – and beyond.

Having stopped by the home of the EU recently on our grand European road trip, we felt it was only right to recommend a selection of our favourite spots to sit and nibble throughout the day. Tuck in!


Peck 47 | Rue du Marché aux Poulets 47

If you’re up bright and early in the capital there are few better places to head for a hearty breakfast than Peck 47. Situated just a couple of streets away from the bustling Place de la Bourse, a delicious brunch menu – with everything from granola to eggs to fresh fruit smoothies – paired with an invitingly quirky vibe (“Cake of death?” reads the sign outside) makes this a fine spot to start your day. We’d recommend the divine Eggs Benedict.

Morning coffee

Café Capitale | Rue du Midi 45

Forget a quick caffeine fix: true coffee-lovers will have real trouble leaving the aromatic paradise that is Café Capitale. Coffee-themed art prints set the tone for what is a truly tasty caffeine experience, right in the heart of Brussels. Whether you take your hit foamy or neat, Capitale’s commitment to scrumptious swill is unerring, with deliciously roasted beans sourced from across the globe. Sip contentedly whilst basking in the vinyl-only playlist.


Street food van | Parvis Sainte-Gudule

After a morning of strolling through the historic streets, head to Parvis Sainte-Gudule, in the imposing shadow of the St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, for some peace and quiet – and a yummy lunch. You’ll regularly find a street food van parked along Boulevard de l’Impératrice on the park’s western edge, perfect for picking up a bite – such as a burger from the Urban Cook Food Truck – to eat and enjoy whilst people-watching in the shade. Alternatively, visit the vans of Brussels Park.

Afternoon snack

Unnamed waffle shack | North corner of Place de la Monnaie

One can hardly visit the Belgian capital without sampling its famous waffles – but it pays to do it right. Forget the cream-topped, sauce-slathered confectionary sold down many a tourist street; instead, seek out somewhere serving the Liège waffles suggested by locals – such as the simple shack that sits in the north corner of Place de la Monnaie. This subtle shed wears a waffle on its front and serves up some fine sugary snacks, sauce free.

Pre-dinner drink

L’Archiduc | Rue Antoine Dansaert 6

There’s nothing like a little liquid refreshment after a long day’s exploration and L’Archiduc, a haven of art deco architectural design in the city centre, is a stylish place to find it. With a broad menu of cocktails, wines and all sorts of tempting tipples, it’s the ideal place for a retro drink before dinner. Sure, the snacks are limited to salty pretzel sticks – but, with appealingly vintage surroundings and sultry jazz to set the mood, it’s tough to complain.


Publico | Rue des Chartreux 32

Some say visiting a city ought to mean sampling the local cuisine – but, with tasty tapas and mouthwatering mains inspired by the proprietor’s global travels, it’s hard to say no to Publico’s worldly menu. Whether seated inside or on the street, this chic urban eatery has a vibrantly intimate feel, despite – arguably because of – being out of sight of the bigger thoroughfares. Savour the food, enjoy the drink and feast on the delicious desserts, all whilst soaking in the back-street buzz of Brussels.

After-dinner drink

De Belmonte | Place Saint-Géry 29

Once you’ve had your fill of good grub, head into the bunting-topped streets surrounding Place Saint-Géry, where wine bars, whisky joints and a truly multicultural mix of restaurants and watering holes spill out onto the pedestrianised cobbles. Not sure where to start? Take a pew at De Belmonte, a chic spot attached to a hotel that offers nibbles and a host of tipples to suit every taste. Start with a homemade cocktail, follow up with one of the great gin and tonic combinations, and see where the evening takes you.

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