On the road in France – in pictures

On the road in France – in pictures | Modern Traveller

Pretty pictures from the routes and avenues of France.


With the start of our European road trip just days away, we felt it was only fitting to share some of our favourite snaps from our four-wheeled journey through France last summer.

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  1. Hello Chris and Saskia,
    I have been browsing on your site and have been very impressed by the quality of the site in terms of design, photos and contents.
    You are doing exactly what so many people would love to do, the difference with you is that you are just doing it !
    Have a fantastic time and look forward to meeting you very soon. Please put MK on your destination list …
    Sending you lots of love, hugs and hapiness from sunny Cap Malheureux !,



    • Hello Jean-Pierre!
      I’m so glad to hear that you like the site – we’re really excited about it! It’s brilliant way to make the most of what we’re seeing & doing and hopefully to share it with others.
      Mauritius is absolutely on the list – definitely!
      Lots of love from Italy,


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