Modern Traveller’s European road trip bucket list

Modern Traveller's European Road Trip Bucket List

It’s time for a road trip – and here’s where we’re going (probably).


Europe: a tally-happy traveller’s dream, with a crop of countries crammed into a continent connected by largely lovely Tarmac, drivable in days – and worthy of weeks.

Which is why, come Monday, team MT is hopping aboard a ferry to France to begin a four-month road trip across the Continent.

With AirBnb on tap and a Mini Cooper packed full of jumpers, bags and books, we’re set to explore Europe in all its end-of-summer glory.

The route? Well, that’s up for debate. For all the metropolises and mega-cities, the must-sees and the guide book sites, the true beauty of road trip freedom lies in finding the tiny villages, the mountain road rest-stops and the cafés so local that you fear you’ve wandered into someone’s front room – the sort of things that pass train and plane travellers by in a flash.

All the same – as we all should – Modern Traveller has its bucket list of big names, which will help to steer the course of our meandering progress on the avenues and passes of Europe. Here it is, in all it’s non-definitive glory.

Modern Traveller's European Road Trip Bucket List



There’s more to Belgium than delicious waffles (though that alone is enough to tempt us) and, having stepped across the border last year, we’re hoping Ghent will greet us with open arms.


The Netherlands

When one of your group is a lifelong bridge-lover, it’s tough not to be drawn to the cosy canals and winding waterways of the Dutch capital city.



With a history buff in our midst, Berlin sensibly deserves a spot on our bucket list – not least since we’ve heard brilliant things about the bratwurst.


Czech Republic

Stories of penny-cheap beer and five-storey clubs aside, we’re itching to see the spires and squares of this Central European capital.



With one of us having lived in Poland as a child, it feels only fitting to pay a visit to Krakow – if for nothing else but to lick the walls of its underground salt cathedral.



The hills may be alive elsewhere in Austria, but we’re still keen to give Vienna a whirl.



Having heard rave reviews of this “tiny jewel” of a capital on a recent internship, lovely Ljubljana has been near the top of our to-do list ever since.



Following a successful Mini-mission to France last summer, we’re keen this time to explore the coastal roads and azure waters of nice Nice and its surroundings.



Stunning snaps in travel magazines have left us longing to visit this provincial capital, seated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.



After a week in Lisbon last December left us with tired legs and happy hearts, Porto took a top spot on our list – what with its winding alleys and bright riverside vibe.

You can follow our adventures and escapades – and an ever-changing route – on as we cross the borders and boundaries of mainland Europe. Oh, and if you’re on the road, be sure to say hi!


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