Modern Traveller’s top tech for a gadget-packed European road trip – reviewed


Modern Traveller's top tech for a gadget-packed European road trip – reviewed

(Image © Chris Rowlands / Modern Traveller)

DSLRs are unquestionably top of the class when it comes to happy snapping. They are, however, also a real weight to worry about when travelling: from bodies to lenses to assorted accessories, going mobile with a bulky-bodied camera is no easy task.

Enter the TZ80: a hard-housed shooting companion that can roll with the high-end shooters – and still fit in your pocket.

Don’t go thinking this is just some souped-up compact. From the ground up, the TZ80 is built like a professional camera: from a full-manual mode that actually works and 4K video smarts, to a 30x optical zoom and speedy autofocus that’s always on-point, this is truly a well-equipped snapper.

Sure, images might lack some of the sharpness found in SLR snaps, and tricky lighting conditions can cause some exposure troubles, but a full-manual mode means experienced clickers can fiddle all they want, whilst a nifty touchscreen makes navigation a cinch – even for fat-fingered photographers.

SLR smarts in a pocket-friendly shell, the TZ80 is tough to beat for snap-happy travellers looking for convenience.

PANASONIC.COM | £360 | ★★★★★

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