Modern Traveller’s top tech for a gadget-packed European road trip – reviewed


Modern Traveller's top tech for a gadget-packed European road trip – reviewed

(Image © Chris Rowlands / Modern Traveller)

Sufficiently subtle to slip under a suit and smart enough to be useful, the Kickstarter-funded Time isn’t the sharpest smartwatch on the market, but its unique brand of simple alerts and long-lasting companionship make it worthy of consideration.

A colour e-paper display delivers watch faces, app screens, Pebble Health smarts and more and, whilst the screen looks small, it’s just about usable courtesy of the four-button interface. Screen graphics might look a little childish, but, for some, a little character is no bad thing.

There’s only a limited number of decent apps available for download compared to competitors, but a reliable five-day battery life, useful timeline alerts and cross-platform compatibility make the Time a ticker with potential – for both Android and iOS users,

Screen reflections can be frustrating, though they’re a forgivable flaw given just how comfortable the Time is to wear, without the bulk of many a smartwatch, whilst we’re big fans of the voice-to-text tech it offers.

A pared-back Pebble with potential, the Time lacks the smarts of many competitors – but serves up a simplicity that’s refreshingly reliable.

PEBBLE.COM | £150 | ★★★☆☆

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