Modern Traveller’s top tech for a gadget-packed European road trip – reviewed


Modern Traveller's top tech for a gadget-packed European road trip – reviewed

(Image © Chris Rowlands / Modern Traveller)

Giving new meaning to the phrase “simply the best”, the latest in Motorola’s Moto G line-up – confusingly manufactured by Lenovo – the G4 is a handset that does simple efficiency really, really well.

Don’t confuse that simplicity with a lack of hardware smarts, mind: the G4 is blessed with a beautifully bright 5.5in HD display, a 13MP rear snapper and a 3000mAh battery that will easily last the day – and recharge rapidly, curtesy of TurboPower tech.

The octa-core processor is also sufficiently nippy to see the G4 sail through everyday tasks, aided by clutter-free Android Marshmallow software that we found to be delightfully lightweight, though it does struggle with graphics-heavy gaming.

For the splashier out there, the G4 carries a water repellent coating – a welcome addition alongside its light-as-a-leaf 155g weight, that’s noticeably lighter than the iPhone 6s Plus (192g) with which the Moto shares a display dimension.

There’s no fingerprint sensor here and the shell styling is relatively uninspiring, but clever additions – such as expandable memory and 1080p video capture – squeezed into the 153mm-thin body make this a well-built bargain of brilliance.

Feature-packed, swift and joyfully uncluttered, the G4 continues the Moto trend of pared-back brilliance in style.

MOTOROLA.CO.UK | from £170 | ★★★★☆

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