Modern Traveller’s top tech for a gadget-packed European road trip – reviewed


Modern Traveller's top tech for a gadget-packed European road trip – reviewed

(Image © Chris Rowlands / Modern Traveller)

What should a set of headphones dubbed “Quiet Comfort” offer? Arguably, extreme quiet in immense comfort. Bose’s new Bluetooth QC35s do both with aplomb.

Noise is not so much cancelled as quelled with effortless efficiency: some sounds drift through as little more than whispers, whilst engine roars and rumbles are muted to a distant hum.

Better still, there’s not a wire in sight: the addition of cord-free tech to the QC35s makes this a set of cans ideal for the unrestricted roamer. Bluetooth pairing is easy and reconnection presents no trouble at all, as the internal voice reads out the recognised partner device name.

This wireless wizardry also serves to maximise the comfort of the listening experience, meaning you can move at will as the cushioned pads hug your head. Things can get a little toasty around the ears, but not unpleasantly so.

As for listening, bass is not as punchy as some might like, but it’s hard to pick fault with the crisp, clear tones and sheer quality of sound produced by the 35s.

What’s more, the battery is truly cavernous: we all but matched the on-paper time, squeezing just shy of 20 hours from our set of ‘phones, making them an adept audio partner – however long the road.

The masters in noise-cancelling kit do it again, delivering wire-free listening of superior quality that will see you all the way to anywhere.

BOSE.CO.UK | £290 | ★★★★★

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