Modern Traveller’s top tech for a gadget-packed European road trip – reviewed


Modern Traveller's top tech for a gadget-packed European road trip – reviewed

(Image © Chris Rowlands / Modern Traveller)

Smartphones and tablets might have dealt a hefty blow to the world of dedicated on-the-go gaming devices, but, for those with a passion for powerful play, the PS Vita remains the meanest machine.

Stacks of processing power, dual analogue sticks and a – somewhat smeary – touchscreen set the device up to be a gaming demon, and the in-game experience doesn’t disappoint: we fell in love with Little Big Planet on the Vita, with its intuitive use of touch and buttons, unmatched by any smartphone.

What’s more, the slim unit is both light enough to hold for hours and feels sufficiently solid to take a fair beating – whether in your bag or your hands.

That said, it’s not free from flaws: the software system takes some time to learn, with a somewhat counter-intuitive navigational approach, whilst the LCD screen doesn’t match up to the OLED delights of the original Vita.

All the same, with a good six hours of graphically great gaming possible from a single charge, the Vita is a deity of dedicated handheld fun.

PlayStation’s Vita might be staring down the barrel but, for now, it’s the best thing out there when it comes to gaming on the go.

AMAZON.CO.UK | £190 | ★★★★☆

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