Black tie at the beach: Modern Traveller’s summer ensemble

Black tie at the beach - Modern Traveller's summer ensemble

Modern Traveller shows off its new summer ensemble on the breezy banks of the Humber.

We love getting dressed up – who doesn’t? – especially after a long journey north. So, with trousers freshly pressed and shirt smartly ironed, it was off to the beach, to set our favourite formal wear against a starkly stunning waterfront backdrop.


Jacket: Oliver Brown Single-Breasted Smoking Jacket – Green
Shirt: Hawes & Curtis St James Waffle Slim Fit Dress Shirt
Deakin & Francis Double Knot Cufflinks
Bow tie: Mrs Bow Tie Black Edge in Dark Green
Slaters Charlton Gray Classic Dinner Trouser
Jones Bootmaker Mayfair Brogues
Rituals Eau du Kashmir
Knomo Dale 15in Leather Tote


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