Modern Traveller’s Le Mans camping kit bag

What should you pack for the world’s greatest race? We put our favourite outdoor gear to the test on the campsite at the 24 Heures du Mans.

Camping: truly, a pastime that divides. Some detest the mere idea of a night under the canvas, with the requisite stove-made meals and less-than-sensational shower experience. Others love life in the great outdoors, revelling in the red-faced, out-of-a-bag lifestyle.

Throw in some highly-tuned motor cars roaring past at 200mph just metres from your tent, though, and you’ve got a volatile mix that risks sending even the keenest of camping companions around the bend.

Thankfully, even the shortest stay – whether at Le Mans or elsewhere – is made better with the right kind of kit.

With space at a premium and so much to choose from, though, how on earth does one know what to make room for in the kit bag? Worry not. Here at Modern Traveller, we’re no strangers to sleeping under the stars – and there’s little we enjoy more than a long-weekend at the races.

Making best use of our 5-day stay at the 84th edition of the 24 Heures du Mans, we scooped up some of our favourite camping gear to truly put it to the test, through rain, shine, racing and sleep.

Simply click through the pages below and enjoy!


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